Saturday November 30, 2013

I spent most of the morning writing. I found a site which has free daily writing prompts and I signed up a couple weeks ago. Until this morning all I’d done was read the prompts, but I am finding them to be about the best prompts I’ve ever seen, so today I decided to commit to writing by hand in a journal for 10+ minutes a day. I wanted to use the prompts I’d already received, so I played catch up today and wrote 8 entries. If I do the same tomorrow then I will be all caught up and I can then write just one/day. I found it to be a very fun almost magical time, so I am definitely looking forward to continuing. After that I got out some of the material I plan to use for the second of the two quilts I’m working on and then I read a bit before Dr. Nell and Susan arrived. The plan for today was to clean Oliver’s teeth using a light sedation if he would allow it. He did brilliantly and Dr. Nell agreed that she couldn’t have done any better having him at the clinic where he would have had to be fully anesthetized, so I was very happy. Dr. Nell also was able to clean one quadrant of Chauncey’s mouth. She doesn’t want to risk even sedation with him because of his age, but he was most cooperative and the plan is that she will do another quadrant at each of the next three visits. And we discovered that Calliope has the start of conjunctivitis in her left eye, so I am again very grateful for my routine vet visits! I am definitely exhausted and ready to call it a day.

a day spent
writing and reading
as the month ends
the dogs’ teeth
get cleaned

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