Sunday December 1, 2013

I started the day raking up the fig leaves on the north side of my home (so glad I don’t have any other deciduous trees!) and then picking up dog poop which was a much bigger job than the raking as I haven’t done it in awhile. But it was a nice day to be outside and the wind sounded so wonderful in the trees. Then I did a lot of writing for a variety of activities. I also found the rest of the fabric I want for the next quilt top. I hunted and hunted through all my many rolling carts and then remembered I’d never brought it in from the car. Sure enough, I had three bolts of fabric in the back of Eglantine. They are well traveled as I bought them before I had to have Eglantine towed to the garage, but they were perfectly safe. I finished the day out by reading more of the review novel I started yesterday. It has been a very nice quiet day.

picking up mounds
of dog poop
the wind sails
through the firs
and wind chimes