Wednesday December 4, 2013

I had almost nothing to do at Student Link. This year is very different from all the other years I’ve volunteered there and I’m not enjoying it nearly as much. There are a number of students who really need help in a lot of areas, but for whatever reason, they don’t want to work with me. Maybe they don’t want to work with anyone, but it leaves me feeling sad and rather at loose ends. Today I spent over an hour playing games on my iPad, for instance. Oh well, I’ll keep on chugging–put my Kindle app on my iPad so that I can read a book instead. I did mark a few papers, catalogue a book I donated, and shelve a few returned books, and there were two students who did have a few questions and who do enjoy my help, so that was something. Anyway, I had lunch and then taught my bridge class and those students are always happy to see me and they made me feel much better. It has been a tough week so far. I stopped at the market (which I hope will be the last time for the year but I’m not sure that the coconut vegan yogurt will stretch to the new year as some of the expiry dates are mid-December) and then came home to tutor two students, one in algebra 2 and one in geometry. I am looking forward to a peaceful evening.

frost lingers
on the walkways
a betrayal
of confidences
chills the air