Friday December 6, 2013

The week has ended, thank heavens! I had a therapy appointment and an osteopath appointment after which I tutored a student and then cut back a few bushes and ferns. Our weather continues to get colder. I was grateful that my shower worked this morning, but tonight and tomorrow night are to dip into the teens and tomorrow’s high is to be only 28, so I suspect it will be a weekend without a proper shower. Thankfully this only happens on rare occasions. I am glad that I won’t have to go out at all now until Tuesday by which time it is supposed to be warmer (high of 39 and low of 33). And I am really glad that I have a new battery as Eglantine starts right up now and she should do the same on Tuesday! Time now to call it a day.

the end
to a difficult week
continue to fall
heading to the teens