Saturday December 7, 2013

I couldn’t believe it but my shower worked this morning! The pond in the backyard is nearly frozen over and the one in the front is rapidly doing the same. I kept refilling a small bucket with water for the chickadees as it kept freezing. I had lots more icicles hanging off the edge of my hot tub lid, but the shower worked perfectly. However, it never got above freezing today. I think our high was 27, so I am not hopeful about tomorrow’s chances, but who knows. I did have a scare as I was sitting in my hot tub. Oliver, who loves to drink out of the backyard pond, decided he wasn’t going to be stopped by ice. He wandered all the way across the pond to find the small hole by the fountain and then took forever drinking. He slid a couple times, but thankfully the ice supported him and he didn’t slide into the opening. I didn’t dare call to him as I might have startled him (and the truth is that none of my dogs come if they have something else on their minds). Considering that I was in my birthday suit, I don’t know how I would have managed to rescue him, but thankfully, he navigated it all safely. I really wish he’d be happy with the water in his water bowl. After that lovely if at times scary start to the day, I spent the morning writing. I offered comments on postings by my fellow students in my writing class which is nearly completed. I did my homework and worked on the piece I will be submitting for comments this coming week. I also posted the second installment of my story, Sabrina and the Dragons, on my flash fiction blog. After that, I read a lot more of the book I started a day or so ago. It has been a very cold but lovely day (as long as one stays inside!!).

the outdoor shower
still not frozen
holding my breath
the dog walks
across the ice for a drink


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