Sunday December 8, 2013

It really wasn’t a surprise today. My shower has finally frozen. I was able to wash using the tub spigot which my plumber put in even though there isn’t a tub just to help the shower drain more completely. That is probably why it has taken so long to freeze. Anyway, I discovered that the spigot is good for washing more than just dogs although it was definitely colder than if I’d had hot water running all over me. Still, it is bearable for a few days. I suspect the shower won’t thaw now until Tuesday, but we shall see. I had a lot of fun watching a ton of robins walking on the ice of my front dragon pond and I suspect that my ponds (and a bucket I put out) are some of the only unfrozen water available right now. Anyway, I was happy to oblige and at one point I counted at least 15 robins gathered on/by the pond. I worked on my story to post for peer review by my writing class and then I finished the book I was reading and wrote its review. A friend stopped by for a nice visit and she helped me decide on the border for the second quilt I’ve been working on. It is all pieced except for the border and now that we’ve decided on that, I can move forward with the project. I also picked, cut, and washed the flannel for both quilts so I should be ready to start putting them together, maybe tomorrow.