Wednesday December 11, 2013

I didn’t sleep well last night so I am really dragging today. This morning as I was getting into my hot tub I watched Oliver attempt his pond walking again. But this time he found a weak spot and the ice cracked. Thankfully only his back legs went in and he was fast to pull out of there and get to the edge and back onto solid ground. Things are obviously thawing, but not as fast as I would like them to. I’m hoping by tomorrow morning the pond will have water in his favorite spot so that he can drink without entering the pond. I worked at Student Link. I didn’t get many questions but I found a bunch of books to catalogue.  I was able to get most of them done today. I taught my bridge class and it is lovely to have some new students joining us. Then I tutored two students and so I am definitely ready to call it a day.

cracking ice
the dog’s back legs
slip into the pond
he scrambles
for the edge

4 thoughts on “Wednesday December 11, 2013

  1. Are some of the old students still not wanting to work with you?

    I’ve had that post on my mind all week, I just didn’t know what to say about it. I’m sure their preferences have nothing to do with you, though. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Lydia. I do still have the old students but there are only a few of them, really only three who need math help at any level. When Student Link doubled in size we ended up with a lot of new students and they just don’t seem to want to ask for help for whatever reason and I am trying to believe that it has more to do with what they are used to and their feelings about math. Still, I’d hoped to have “won them over” by now. It is just a really different group this year, but I am extremely grateful for my few returnees!!

  3. You’re welcome!

    I wonder if they’re scared to ask for help? I had trouble with Biology class in high school, and it was really, really hard for me to admit that I didn’t understand a lot of the dissection stuff.

    Either way I hope things get better soon. 🙂

  4. It could be, but I do try to keep everything so upbeat and I add enough gentle humor and encouragement that I usually win them over without this much work. I do think that ever so slowly I am making progress and yes, many of them have been brutalized by main stream education, so earning their trust is always the biggest hurdle. Thanks for your kind thoughts!

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