Thursday December 12, 2013

Today has been a day crammed with activity. I worked at Student Link in the morning and managed to finish cataloguing all the books. Then I stopped at Minglement to pick up my buyer’s club order which included 8 cases of canned pumpkin for my dogs as well as 2 cases of pomegranate-blueberry juice for me, each case having 12 bottles! There were also five cases of edamame and 2 cases of vegan nuggets, but those were light compared to the rest! I feel good that my pantry and freezers are stocked and I’m set for a couple of months or more, but it was a lot to manage and I am very glad once again that Leigh fixed the wheels on my hand truck! After that I had two students to tutor. I had also managed to get a hose thawed and so thought I would add water to my hot tub, something it has needed since before the deep freeze, but I must have been too tired, because I forgot about it and left the hose running until the tub overflowed! Then I had to bail it out until it was at the proper level, and the result is that I won’t get a soak tonight! I will still do my sauna as my muscles need it and Calliope would be unhappy if she had to miss her turn, but I do feel very foolish. It should be fine by morning at least and hopefully I didn’t run my water bill up outrageously. Anyway, I am obviously very tired so I am calling it a day.

rains begin
thawing the ponds
once again
the dog enjoys
drinking safely