Monday December 16, 2013

I’ve had a lovely quiet day. I wrote a book review and then started another book. I took some photos and then picked up a ton of dog poop. It has been too cold and icy to go out, but now I have no excuses. Funny thing, the dogs keep producing whether I pick it up or not. And Debbie from Vashon Youth and Family Services came by to pick up the two quilts I finished yesterday, so they should now be on their way to their recipients. I also had a student to tutor. She normally comes on Wednesdays and Fridays, but since her test is Thursday this week and since Friday is the beginning of the holiday break, we switched her to Monday and Wednesday. And one of my seniors e-mailed me with the fantastic news that he’d received his first college acceptance! So it has been a lovely day for him as well.

the last
and smallest
full moon of the year
a quiet day
at home