Tuesday December 17, 2013

It is the week before the holiday break and the students are definitely anxious to be done. I worked at Student Link this morning and couldn’t get anyone much interested in doing their math. Heaven only knows what it will be like by Thursday, not that I’m not just as eager as they are for break. I went to my therapy appointment after lunch and then I received a commission for a quilt for a friend of a friend. It is a bit of a rush situation since the quilt needs to be done by Monday morning at the latest. Anja came through with an emergency fabric delivery–many, many thanks, Anja, and I’ll start cutting fabric in between students tomorrow, I hope. I am determined to do this!! After that, I had two students to tutor. I was tired when the last student left. I walked out to the mail and discovered a lovely present from a friend who lives in Canada! That really made my day! I have some lovely holiday tea to try tomorrow and I am now wearing a gorgeous soft purple scarf. Both items are totally vegan, which I really appreciate. So often people’s hearts are in the right place but they don’t know or don’t understand what it means to be vegan so when someone gets it right, it is especially lovely. Well, my sauna cat, Calliope, is more than ready for our evening sauna time, so that’s it for now.

after a long day
of tutoring and
marking papers
a gift from a friend
in the mailbox