Wednesday December 18, 2013

I had a very busy day, but it was very rewarding. I think I made some progress with a couple of the students at Student Link. I’ve switched their math books to ones which I think they will find much more compatible and yet again, I’ve had the discussion about asking for help. I had a quick lunch which I ate while cutting fabric for the quilt I’m making, and I have about 1/3 of the fabric cut and the rest is all planned out. I really didn’t have any free time today, so managing to do even that much feels good. I also cut and washed the flannel for the back. Then I went to our monthly bridge class bridge game and I had a lovely time helping one of our players who has played party bridge for years but never played duplicate bridge. The mechanics of the game, using bidding boxes and not throwing cards into the middle of the table, can be a bit daunting, but she was eager to learn and I had a lovely time coaching her. She said she was sorry I wasn’t playing, but I told her very truthfully, that I’d rather teach than just about anything else, unless I’m writing or quilting, and I’d definitely rather teach than play. It was a wonderful set up and I think she had a great time. I got home right after my first student and so moved right into tutoring algebra followed by geometry. I am more than ready to call it a day.

a bridge player
learn to play duplicate
I’d much rather teach
than play