Friday December 20, 2013

Somewhere between midnight and 7AM we got our first snowfall of the season. It was incredibly beautiful and the kids got a late start on the last school day before break. My morning appointment was moved to the afternoon so I took advantage of my “snow morning” to get busy piecing the quilt I’m trying to have completed no later than Monday morning. I also was very pleased to receive my edited manuscript back from my editor who really likes my third novel! She had lots of wonderful things to say about it! Once I have this quilt done I will begin my part in the final editing process. I’ve also decided which cover I like and so things are progressing very nicely indeed. After lunch I went to my osteopath and then ran a few errands on my way to my therapist, followed by one last errand, and I am now set for the holidays, I believe. I then pieced more on the quilt top and I am calling it a day with the top nearly done. It only needs a border, which should happen tomorrow along with pinning and quilting it. It was a lovely snow day, but now the snow is all gone. We didn’t receive any last year, so this snow was particularly beautiful and I really hope it isn’t the last for this season!!

to an inch of snow
first of the season
piecing a quilt top
all but the border


2 thoughts on “Friday December 20, 2013

  1. Thanks, Libby, and I’m glad I took it first thing because all the snow was gone by afternoon. We are very wet now but no chance of snow for Christmas. Hope you get yours in an appropriate amount!

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