Tuesday December 24, 2013

I have had an absolutely fantastic day!! Eric, Kelly, and 5 yr. old Josie arrived just before 10AM and stayed until 3PM. We had a lovely visit and Josie is growing so fast! We opened presents and Josie helped me with mine! Kelly made me a fantastic quilt filled with dragons, dolphins, and gryphons from my novels! She said that I make so many quilts that she thought someone should make me one. I just love it! Then we went out to lunch at The Hardware Store, after which we stopped in at Island Quilter so that we could look at the current quilt exhibit. We came back to my place and I let Josie pick fabric squares from my drawers so she can begin to learn to sew. And all too soon they had to leave as they have another big party to head off to. It was just a wonderful day and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer one. After they left I sat on the couch under my new quilt and read and that felt really, really nice!!

under a quilt
filled with dragons
lovingly made by
my daughter-in-law


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