Thursday December 26, 2013

The day began with fog and is now ending with really thick fog. There was lots of sun in between. Anyway, I began my day by cleaning the gutters on the east side of my home as I was tired of all the rain coming down where it shouldn’t. My lawn guys said they were doing them, but I’m not sure if they ran out of time or what. Anyway, I have screens on my gutters but there was at least 2″ of needles on top of the screens so rain just spilled over the edges. I cleaned them while I was still in my pajamas so that when I got wet and dirty, the pajamas could go right into the laundry and I could go into the shower. It worked rather well, and I was pleased with my success, although my fur friends complained that the morning routine (notably their breakfast) was delayed. After all that, I finished accepting all the formatting/editing suggestions on my novel and then I printed the entire revised novel out so that I can read it again and make any final edits before I resubmit it. I hope to start on that tomorrow. I did a small bit of quilting and then finished a novel and wrote its review. I am now listening to a bunch of foghorns and I look forward to my hot tub soak in the fog.

a foggy morning
cleaning gutters
before breakfast
the dogs and cats