Sunday December 29, 2013

I am really enjoying the holiday break! I spent the morning writing the next installment of my story about Sabrina and the Dragons. If you haven’t read the first four episodes, don’t worry. There is a link at the top of today’s fifth installment which takes you to the beginning. I am enjoying doing a story like this. Then I switched to editing mode and worked some more on my novel. I am now maybe two-thirds through it. I did a bit of quilting as I waited for a student who wanted help with math over the break and we worked for about an hour. And then I switched over to my wonderful jigsaw puzzle that I received for Christmas from Eric, Kelly, and Josie. They sure were right when they said the puzzle had my name all over it! It is filled with dragons and castles! I was only going to work on it for a few minutes, but then time just flew by! But enough is enough, so I’m calling it a day.

spending the morning
writing and revising
by afternoon
totally engrossed
with a jigsaw puzzle

4 thoughts on “Sunday December 29, 2013

  1. Will have to find time to read your story! Glad you enjoyed your jiugsaw puzzle – it’s so easy to get engrossed in interesting things.

  2. I used to love to work jigsaw puzzles, but when I got cats and dogs I gave them up. I am very happy to have found a solution which allows me to enjoy this lovely pastime once again and still have my wonderful fur friends!

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