Monday December 30, 2013

I have had a lovely and varied day. I spent most of the morning editing my novel and I’m hoping to finish that tomorrow and send it back to my publisher. Then I did a bit of piecing on the two small quilts I’m working on. I read more of a novel I’m reading for the review site I volunteer for, and then I worked on my jigsaw puzzle. I thought I’d save some for tomorrow, but I just couldn’t. I finished the puzzle just after 5PM and then decided to go out to the two stores on the island that carry puzzles because I want to be able to work more over the break and beyond. They didn’t have anything nearly as nice as what I’d gotten from Eric and family, but then dragons are really hard to top, in my book. But I found several that should be fun–some fairies, some bears, some puffins (those are in different puzzles). Right now I’m just enjoying the finished picture, but probably tomorrow I’ll start another one. I’m addicted now!

and quilting
a bit of reading
before completing
my jigsaw puzzle