Tuesday December 31, 2013

The day started a bit differently as my lawn guys arrived just before 9AM to do my gutters. I guess when they were here before and I thought they were doing all the gutters, they had just blown the roofs off. They had arrived just as I was leaving for Student Link, so I hadn’t actually seen what they were doing and I had no idea this was a two part job. I needn’t have done the east gutter at all! But thankfully, my inclination to do the rest of my house and garage gutters hadn’t materialized, because now they are all done without any effort on my part and I start the new year with clean gutters! I obviously had to delay my morning routine until they left, but it didn’t take them long. Once I was properly up and dressed, I got to work on my novel revisions and I have now finished them and sent my revised manuscript as well as the zip file with the map of my fantasy world back to the publisher. That feels very good and a nice way to end the year! I also finished piecing all the squares for the two quilts I’m doing for Children’s Hospital. I got both tops laid out and even sewed one of them (except for the border). Then I read for awhile before deciding to put away the dragon puzzle and begin a fairy puzzle, one of the ones I bought last night. It has much bigger pieces and is designed for children and/or families, but it is pretty and I’m figuring that maybe one day, I’ll work it with Josie on one of her visits. I think she would like it.

thinking back
over the year’s
ups and downs
thinking ahead
with hopes and dreams