Monday January 13, 2014

I have had a very pleasant day. I got some larger plexiglass today so that now I can have all the pieces out and I don’t have to hunt through the box all the time, so that is a lot nicer! I took the dogs to the groomers and then had a lovely lunch and catch-up time with Anja. It has been ages since we have gotten together. After lunch I stopped in at Island Quilter so Anja could show me some patterns I was interested in. I then ran a couple errands before picking up the dogs from the groomers. They now look very spiffy! I worked on my jigsaw puzzle and then talked with Nan about the meeting she had with the three new part-timers who will be starting next week. Student link is really getting large, both in the increase in students and now staff, but hopefully this will mean a lot more help for our students! I’m calling it a day a bit early, but I’m tired and enough is enough.

sharing lunch
with a friend
the dogs
home from
the groomers