Wednesday January 15, 2014

Student Link was busy today with lots of papers to mark and even some questions to answer. I also met one of the three new part-time teachers, the one who will be doing math. He will have some of the students and I will have the rest and the divisions were made today. I won’t have a few of my favorites, but the divisions ended up being made primarily based on schedules since I am morning and he is afternoon. I’m still very unsure about all the changes, but the changes will be happening whether I want them or not. After a quick lunch, I taught my bridge class. One of the students proposed starting 1/2 hr earlier, which I could have done–just taking a late lunch–but then it turned out that actually they wanted a longer class, 1.5 hrs instead of 1 hr, and I immediately said no to that. I’m feeling very overwhelmed by all the changes and I already added another student right before the holiday break which I shouldn’t have done, so I’m definitely not adding anything more. We did talk about how we could shift things around in class so that I do a formal lesson first and then ask for questions as the questions do tend to take over the class (which I really like, but I can see their point). We’ll start the new format next week. I came home and got to read for a bit and then I had two students to tutor.

too many changes
my bridge class
asks for
a longer class