Thursday January 16, 2014

I am trying out a new schedule whereby I write my haiku, tanka, and blog posts earlier so that as soon as the last student leaves I can head to the sauna. In fact I’m using the timer on my sauna so that it will be heated up when my student leaves. I still have one more to go as Thursdays are my very very long days and in fact, I may have to tell this student that I really can’t manage her as I won’t be done until 6:30. Anyway, my work week at Student Link is done and I am glad for that. I’m sure I’ll adjust to all the new changes eventually, but it is exhausting, trying to remember the new routines and figure out which students will stay with me and which will be seeing the other three new employees. Then I came home and sewed a dragon appliqué on another pair of jeans so that when my current jeans go into the wash tonight, I’ll have another appliquéd pair to wear. I may have to alternate the two until I have time and energy to do more, but I do like them. I had a little time to read before my first student arrived.

rearranging chores
for an earlier night
grabbing moments
between students
to write posts