Friday January 17, 2014

This has been a jam-packed day. I got up early so I could meet with someone about re-doing my medicine cabinet (the design is horrible with three tiny sections–a real knuckle-scraper). I managed to add another appliqué to the jeans I started on yesterday, and I am very pleased with the results. Then I went to my therapy appointment, got a quick lunch, and headed out to the osteopath. After that I tutored a student and she left as Dr. Nell, our vet, arrived. I managed to grab Laoise, so she got a good looking over. She has lost a bit of weight and her heart rate was high so she may be hyperthyroid. Needless to say, that meant a blood draw, and she also got one tooth scraped and her annual rabies shot. As long as we had her captive, she was getting the works. Thackeray also got looked at followed by a blood draw and his annual rabies shot. Calliope was wise to us by this point and so she wasn’t looked at, but we had all three dogs up next for their exams and acupuncture, so it was a very good vet visit and I hope to get the blood results on both Laoise and Thackeray tomorrow. I am glad that both the day and the week are done! I am planning a very quiet weekend with lots of time for my jigsaw puzzle! I am also hoping to make a messenger bag for taking things back and forth to Student Link now that I have more to lug. But now it is time to call it a day!

a day
of appointments
tutoring and the vet
new appliqués
on my jeans