Wednesday January 22, 2014

I was all ready to head out to Student Link this morning when I discovered that Eglantine’s battery was totally dead. Yesterday, when I came out of an appointment, I saw that the brake lights were on and I couldn’t make them go off. They were off this morning, thanks to the dead battery. So I cancelled my time at Student Link and my bridge class and had Eglantine towed up to Doug’s Auto. This afternoon I received a call from them saying that they couldn’t fix her and I’d have to have her towed to a VW dealership. That wasn’t a good option because while AAA would tow it to the dealership, they wouldn’t tow it back and I won’t drive off island. Then my service guy called back and said they could order the VW factory part for the brake light switch but that I wouldn’t have Eglantine back until at least Monday. I was thrilled that they were willing to try and so that’s the option I’m taking. I realize that I could be in the same spot next week if the part doesn’t fix things, but it is worth a shot. So I spent the day finishing one jigsaw puzzle (except for the piece I apparently lost) and getting another laid out ready to go. I also read a book and wrote its review, and I sewed another polar bear appliqué on a pair of jeans. Finally, I’m ending my day tutoring three students.

and working
jigsaw puzzles
an unexpected
day off