Thursday January 23, 2014

I had an early start because of my hot tub servicing and it was a different guy as my usual valet is recovering from surgery for kidney stones. The new guy is just that, new, and he thinks he knows all the answers without actually listening to my questions. It was a trying experience, but it sure makes me appreciate my regular guy all the more. Then Nan called to say that she’d found a parent willing to shlep me to and from Student Link so I didn’t have the quiet day I was planning on. But it was a good day because I had lots of students with a ton of questions. That, after all, is why I volunteer, and unfortunately there have been way too few of those days this year. I came home and worked on my new jigsaw puzzle and took a nap before my afternoon tutoring. Turns out I just had one student as my Latin student needed to study for the finals he has to take tomorrow. But my auto repair shop called with absolutely excellent news! They had sent someone to a VW dealer to pick up my new brake light switch and brought it to the island today and Eglantine is now all fixed and home safe and sound!! What a relief after thinking she was going to have to be towed off island and back on again! I love Mike and Diane at Doug’s Auto!! They definitely go above and beyond. And the total bill was only $66.33!! Considering that I would have had to pay over $200 to get her towed back home and that service at a dealer would have been considerably more, I feel very fortunate on every level.

accepting a ride
from a parent
the mechanic
worked miracles
repairing my car