Wednesday January 29, 2014

I had almost no students to tutor or papers to mark today, but Nan and I had a really good discussion and she is very supportive. We are going to try a bit of a reservation system where students sign up for help so that I don’t come if there are no students, but I am there for all who want help. We still have a lot of details to work out, but that should give me much more productive (not to mention enjoyable) time. And I don’t have to work with the three new part-time teachers, which is what I told Nan I really couldn’t do. I am much relieved that Nan is willing to work with me to try to help me to find a way to fit in this much larger school. Then after lunch I headed off to the monthly game and again helped one of our newer students until I had to leave for tutoring. I tutored two students and both seem to be off to a good start with the new semester. Time for my sauna.

setting up
a new paradigm
things only work
when they work
for everyone