Thursday January 30, 2014

I had the students who wanted to work with me move into our new space, an adjoining classroom that we now get because of the new high school. It worked much better, I think, to spread the students out and certainly today’s group kept better focused. I had more running around to answer questions, but I suspect the exercise is good for me. I came home and worked a lot more on my current puzzle and had lunch before Jeromy showed up to hang the new door on my newly refurbished medicine cabinet. I won’t get to use it now until tomorrow as he glued pieces of my marmoleum on the bottom shelf and top to cover the gaps where the dividers had been and the glue won’t be dried until tomorrow. Nevertheless, it is looking great! I’ve ordered some blue contact paper for the inside back wall (seemed better than painting) which will cover up the patches there and then things should look really nice. I also cut out fabric for another bag, this time a bit smaller, that I hope to make over the weekend. Then I had two students to tutor. It should have been three, but my last student didn’t show and since she was due 30 minutes ago, I’m figuring she’s not coming so I’m heading to the sauna.

morning and
a no-show
lightens the load