Wednesday February 5, 2014

I was up early this morning because Macy’s said they would be delivering my couch between 8:45 and 10:45. I actually didn’t sleep all that well because I was convinced somehow that the couch was going to be 96″ long and that just wouldn’t fit in my living room without getting rid of a lot of things. I was worried and I should have trusted myself. It was three months ago that I ordered this and Macy’s receipts are not terribly informative. I kept saying it was my couch, which it is, but the reality is that I ordered the love seat!! I was so relieved when the delivery man told me that! The new couch fits perfectly and I am very pleased with it. I was able to put all the cat furniture back the way the fur friends like it and everything is just as it was except the dogs now have two couches just for them and my living room doesn’t have a big gap where the old couch now resides. I had everything pretty well sorted by 10AM so I went in to Student Link to help a few students who had reserved times with me. I did let my bridge class know that I wouldn’t be in. I could have made it, but honestly, after getting ready (and worried) for the couch and then not sleeping well and having to be up earlier, I really needed some time to myself. I finished the jigsaw puzzle I’ve been working on before my two students came for tutoring. I am looking forward to a quiet and early night!

six weeks
becomes twelve
a new couch with
custom color
and island delivery