Thursday February 6, 2014

I’m writing my post as I wait for my students. I had one cancel and I should have two yet to come, although my last student on Thursdays was a no show last week so I don’t know if she is still coming or not. I really do not like no shows and I will be sure to let her know if she does return. I love cancellations as I am rather overbooked, but no shows are always a worry. Anyway, it was no surprise that my shower was frozen this morning. I was actually surprised that it worked yesterday. So I’ll be washing my hair in the kitchen sink until it thaws, hopefully on Saturday. I really don’t mind. It is a small price to pay for the joys of having an outdoor shower. At Student Link Nan and I worked with a student to lay out a game plan for her to graduate this year. It will be a tall order, but hopefully it is doable for her. I will be working with her every morning I am there, helping her with consumer math, government, and psychology. I will also, of course, be helping a number of other students as well. I came home and took down the puzzle I completed yesterday and started on another one. I have the border done and some of the interior. After I am done tutoring, I’m calling it a day.

washing hair
in the sink
until the thaw
a plan to ensure
a student graduates