Friday February 7, 2014

Today was an exciting day at the end of a great week. I received the final proof copy of my third novel and I accepted it so my novel is now published!! It should be up on Amazon in a few days and meanwhile, I’ll be getting copies of it in the next couple of weeks!! It will also be available soon on Kindle. I find it quite thrilling. In addition to approving my proof, I went to my therapy appointment and then came home and spent the afternoon working on my puzzle. This was a vet visit week so Dr. Nell and Joel were here. Oliver’s toe nails are bad again so he has to go back on his medicine which is only available through the pharmacy. Nell called it in while she was here and when they left I headed up to the pharmacy to pick it up. Our weather is warming (well getting above freezing during the day). My shower was frozen this morning but by noon it thawed and I am hoping that I will be able to use it tomorrow even though temperatures will drop into the 20’s tonight. But that should be the last of the freezing for now and I can only hope for the season! And now we are supposed to get snow, but given that the temperatures are rising, it won’t last. I had fun this afternoon watching the robins walking on the pond to the open spot to get a drink.  Then when I saw that the temperatures had reached a whopping 33 degrees, I took my glass birdbath dish inside and dumped the ice, filling it with fresh water.  The robins and chickadees were thrilled and the robins even took baths!  Not that is hardy!  Anyway, that’s been my day.

my third novel
robins drink
first from the pond
then the birdbath


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