Saturday February 8, 2014

I moved more quickly than I usually do on a Saturday because I had a friend coming over at 10AM to pick out fabric for a bag I will be making for her. We had a lovely visit and after that, I spent the bulk of the day working my jigsaw puzzles. I finished one and then started another and now I am trying out a 1000 piece puzzle. I work the 500 piece ones so quickly that I think it would be more cost effective to do 1000 piece puzzles which will just fit on my 30″x30″ table. The finished size is 19.25″ x 26.75″. The one I am starting with is called The Lost City of Atlantis and it looks really fascinating. I have managed to assemble most of the border. I still have two edge pieces to locate, but that seems like a good start. I also discovered that my new novel, Dragon Magic, is now on Amazon. It looks so cool, if I do say so myself. I can’t wait until I get my complimentary copies and I can start giving them away. After I finished with my puzzle for today, I read more of the review book I’m in the middle of. And now it is time for the sauna! Our temperatures are warming and we are above freezing, but it is now snowing and it looks neat! I love to sit in the hot tub when it is snowing!! And I was able to have a shower this morning, so thawing is good!

a jigsaw puzzle
switching to
1000 piece puzzle