Monday February 10, 2014

I started getting a cold last evening and I’ve been sneezing my poor head off. I worked on my jigsaw puzzle this morning but finally gave up and took a nap on my new couch. It was my first nap on it and I was very pleased. It may only be a love seat but there was plenty of room for me to curl up and I was as comfortable as I could be given the cold and my headache. Thackeray slept on top of me and that was very nice as well. I gradually started feeling a bit more human so I was able to finish the review book I was reading and send off the review. I also did a bit more with my puzzle. But now it is definitely time to stop as I want an early night if I stand any chance of getting to Student Link in the morning.

on the new couch
a nasty cold
a bit

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