Saturday February 22, 2014

I have decided that with the new larger puzzles and the new larger plexiglass which require using my larger table, that I need a smaller desk if the entire system is to work. It is either that or take away one of the dog couches, but that really doesn’t seem fair at all. Since I can tutor on the puzzle table, I don’t really need a giant desk so I’ve ordered a new smaller desk from Amazon which is to arrive on Monday when I will hopefully have the time to put it together. My deliveries usually come around 10AM. So today I got the old desk out of the way and I’m using my small puzzle table as a desk until Monday. I am hoping to have everything settled and in good order by the time I return to Student Link and tutoring on Tuesday. I also did all my usual weekly chores and I have my new puzzle about 25% complete, so it has been a lovely day.

changing interests
lead to rearranging
each day
the daffodil buds
show a little more yellow