Monday February 24, 2014

I managed to do a lot on my last day of winter break. I shifted furniture in my living room to make things more open, and then my new desk arrived. It went together reasonably easily and it is just perfect! I have plenty of room, and there is still space for my larger puzzle table and the dogs’ couch all along the front window wall. I’ll post photos at some point, but I’m rather tired at the moment from all the activity. But I am now set for school to resume tomorrow which is good. If the desk hadn’t arrived today, I would have been hard pressed to assemble it before next weekend, so I’m glad it all worked out. Once I had everything sorted I relax by writing an e-mail to a friend and then working some more on my jigsaw puzzle. I have to be up early tomorrow if I’m going to get my morning sauna/hot tub routine as Drew is coming to clean the sauna and do a drain and fill on the hot tub and I am his first stop. The cats will not be happy to be chased out of the sauna, but it only happens twice a year.

mixed feelings
winter break ends
sad that it’s gone
happy to return
to tutoring