Tuesday February 25, 2014

Between Poosa and Chauncey I was forced out of bed earlier than I would have liked. But I guess it was all good as Drew, my hot tub/sauna valet, was scheduled for 9AM and I was glad that I was able to get both my sauna time and my hot tub time before he arrived. I headed out to Student Link and was pleased to see that our added room had been painted over winter break. The ceiling and trim still need to be done, but the room is now much more pleasant. After helping several students I came home for lunch before heading to therapy. I was then glad to be able to spent time working my puzzle before more tutoring. I ended up only having one student and that was my Latin student. We finished one story and started another, Jason and the Argonauts. We both really are enjoying Ovid!

the dogs conspire
an early start
to the day
helping a student
achieve her goal