Saturday March 1, 2014

After I got my Saturday chores done, I spent the rest of the day working on my jigsaw puzzle (I only have about 1/2 of the dragon left to do) and reading the first draft of a novel that a friend is writing. Then Dr. Nell came over and Calliope got her annual exam and a rabies shot. The dogs all got acupuncture and had their ears and teeth checked. I also gave Dr. Nell stool samples for all three dogs. Oliver’s was due for his annual check, but both Poosa and Chauncey are still suffering with diarrhea so cultures will be run. Meanwhile, Dr. Nell is putting them on some meds as well as canned dog food. Poosa at least managed to sleep through the night the last two nights, and Chauncey only got me up three times on Thursday night and twice last night, but after a week of this, I really long for a night where everyone sleeps without waking me!

a squirming cat
the vet
cleans her teeth
three dogs watch
wondering who’s next