Monday March 3, 2014

I worked on my jigsaw puzzle in the morning and then spent nearly all afternoon writing a new geometry test to replace the one that is in the teacher’s manual. A student has managed to get a copy of the answer book and I caught him with his absolutely perfect papers and test, using exactly the same words as the answer book. Nan has decided that he will have to retake the chapter test, a new one which I wrote today, and if he passes, he can go on, but doing his math with me. If he doesn’t pass, then he’ll have to redo the chapter, also with me. It is sad and totally unexpected from this student, but I guess we can all be tempted. I have written a test comparable¬†to the first one, and I believe it to be fair, but it sure took me a long time and then, because it is geometry, I had to draw all the figures that went with the problems. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen again! After all that, I treated myself to more puzzle time and I finished the 500 piece puzzle I started yesterday.

writing a geometry test
for a student
who used the answer book
more relaxing
to finish my puzzle