Wednesday March 5, 2014

I didn’t sleep well last night between the pain in my left leg and hip and my worrying over a plot idea for my next novel. I tutored at Student Link and then taught my bridge class, and both of those activities went well. Someone tried to rip down my rainbow flag yet again, but the cable ties I used to secure it worked really well. I had to get out the ladder and slide one of the hangers over as the person who yanked on it did manage to make one of the hangers slide into the other. And there is a small tear in the fabric which fortunately doesn’t show unless you stand right under it. I had no business getting up on an 8′ ladder especially when the footing wasn’t the best and especially on a day when my left leg/hip is giving me such grief, but I couldn’t stand seeing it all bunched up. It now hangs proudly once again, and I didn’t fall or get hurt. After that I worked on my puzzle for a bit and read more of a review novel before my only student of the day showed up. He doesn’t really have any homework, but it is good to see him.

my rainbow flag
attacked again
saved by cable ties
in between raindrops
a sun break

2 thoughts on “Wednesday March 5, 2014

  1. I am sad for the disrespect shown to you.
    I am going through a ‘disrespect’ bout with a family member – it is not fun.

    May the rainbows always shine for you. ~Jules

  2. Thanks, Jules and I have been reading your poems and sending positive vibes your way. You are right that a lack of respect is always sad! May we both have rainbows!!

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