Thursday March 6, 2014

It has been a long week and I’m glad that my work week is now over. One of my students has just joined the track team so he can’t have tutoring and he was coming twice/week so that thankfully frees up my schedule a lot. I didn’t have much to do at Student Link as students who said they were coming didn’t, so I finished reading my review book and when I got home I wrote the review. Then I got to work on my puzzle for a good bit of time. I’m ready to call it a day, but Casey is still here cleaning and then my edamame finally came in at Minglement and Gail kindly offered to bring it over, but she won’t be here until 6:30. I didn’t think that would be too bad as I was supposed to be tutoring a student until then, but the student cancelled as she is sick. So I will work on my puzzle until Gail comes and then I will hit the sauna and hot tub!

at day’s end
outside the
rainbow spinners
pick up speed