Friday March 7, 2014

I am so glad this week has ended and it has ended on a much more positive note, thank heavens. Most of the problems arose from bureaucracy and thoughtlessness, and my sense of justice and what ought to happen, especially for my students, was really on overdrive. But today a couple friends helped me out and I even got to have lunch with one of them. After Anja and I had lunch, she came over and put up a new flag pole for me, a bit higher than the old one, and she has promised to come running if my rainbow flag is vandalized again. I have to agree that she is right that my days on ladders should be at an end. She has a truck and she parked her truck next to the tree and then put the ladder in the back of the truck so it was much, much safer all the way around. I was very grateful for her kindnesses which ended my week on a much happier note.

a tough week
comes to an end
on a happier note
lunch with a friend
the sun shines

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