Wednesday March 26, 2014

Student Link was filled with students today, but not many questions for me. I marked a bunch of papers and gave two tests. I decided not to attend the bridge game today–my hip pain is high making it hard sometimes to be civil, so I decided it would be better to stay home. If I’d had the class to teach, I would have made it as that is only 1 hour, but the game runs nearly 3 hours and that was just too much, especially since it would have backed right into two hours of tutoring. Thankfully, I don’t actually run the game or play in it. I just field questions. So instead, I worked on my current jigsaw puzzle and tutored two students.

volunteer firs
throughout my yard
bringing joy and smiles
their indomitable spirit
radiates hope

4 thoughts on “Wednesday March 26, 2014

  1. Yes, they do, Libby, and I just love my baby firs popping up wherever they feel like it! And thanks for your kind words on my hip pain. I see my osteopath tomorrow.

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