Monday April 7, 2014

I tried to stay focused on today and not think about the week starting up tomorrow, and that made my day go more smoothly. I added another chapter and I am now at 15,296 words. I love Camp NaNoWriMo!! I realize I could do this on my own, but somehow, knowing that others are in this as well, makes it more fun and keeps me disciplined. I then worked on my new puzzle, making progress on the bottom right corner which is filled with pink flowers. After that I finished my second quilt top and pieced the third as well, so I now have a third of the tops pieced. There is still a long way to go, but I’m beginning to think I can do this. Of course it helps that I created a design that only has 16 seams, but still.

beginning the day
with Camp NaNoWriMo
currently at 15,296 words
piecing another
quilt top