Wednesday April 9, 2014

I was running late this morning (probably because I was on a really good role with my writing and finished nearly another 3000 words during CampNaNoWriMo–my current total is now 21,171) and my lateness was compounded by the fact that my UPS driver noticed my garage door was broken. It wasn’t all the way down and there was a cord hanging loose. But he had had a similar problem with his door about a month back so he went back to his truck, got his phone, and called his wife to get the phone number of the guy who fixed hers. He then texted me the number as soon as she texted him. I was able to call Trevor from Student Link. He stopped by at lunch to look at it and said it wasn’t a big deal, thankfully. He was back by 2PM to do the actual work and now my garage door is working again! UPS drivers, especially mine, are the best. Terry didn’t even hesitate to help me out and I really appreciate that. I arrived late at Student Link as a result of all this, but it didn’t really make a big difference. Then after lunch I taught my bridge class and everyone there told me that Trevor was definitely both nice and competent and many of them also had stories about how he had fixed their garage door. Once I was home again, I was able to work on my puzzle a bit and also read a little before my one student for the day arrived. He had no homework, so he has now left, and my day is complete. Only one more day of tutoring before it is Spring Break!!

the students
and I
eager for spring break
sliding on
pollen covered ramps