Friday April 11, 2014

It has been another lovely day at Camp NaNoWriMo and my current word count is 26,404 words. It is so nice when my characters take me in hand and all I have to do is try to keep up. After a morning appointment and an afternoon visit to my osteopath, I puttered briefly in the garden, picking up some fallen branches, plucking a weed or two, and moving a fountain whose pump had died. Then I worked on my puzzle until Dr. Nell arrived. I was so lucky to be able to grab Laoise before she could run as she has been throwing up a lot. I wanted to be sure that it is more than just being an old cat. Dr. Nell took blood to check on her thyroid, and depending on those results, I may need to give her some meds. Then Nell looked at Calliope’s left eye, and I get to put drops in it for several days. Next up was Oliver who now needs to have meds in his left ear. And Chauncey has a skin irritation on his chest which will need to be sprayed daily. Poosa thankfully is practically perfect, and Thackeray stayed out of sight and is also fine, but all I have to say is that I’m glad it is break! I’ll have more time in the morning to medicate the three who need it. I should hear tomorrow about Laoise’s thyroid. It has been a glorious spring day and a lovely start to my break.

in the yard
between writing
another chapter
and the vet’s visit