Sunday April 13, 2014

I continue to begin my day at Camp NaNoWriMo, and today saw me completing 3500 words so that my current word total is 32,749. Then I spent the remainder of the day enjoying a variety of activities. I quilted the two quilts I pinned yesterday, and then switched to writing my assignment for Week 2 of Alan Summers’ online Haibun class. Then I worked on my puzzle. I am convinced that there aren’t enough pieces. I always think that and I always turn out to be wrong, but that doesn’t stop me. And this puzzle had five corner pieces (one was an exact duplicate of another), so I’m wondering if the extra corner means something else got left out. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. And then I sewed the back for a third quilt, pinned it, and quilted it. My plan is to square and bind those three tomorrow. I’ve decided to do them in threes so I don’t end up having to quilt nine in a row, or heaven forbid, bind nine in a row. If all goes according to plan, I hope to have six of the nine finished by the end of break. Time will tell, but I’m done for today.

a beautiful spring day
filled with myriad activities
writing, quilting
working on my puzzle
all at my own pace