Wednesday April 16, 2014

At Camp NaNoWriMo this morning I wrote nearly 3000 words (2919 if you want to be precise) and my word count is now 42,462. I am really liking the way my novel is progressing. I can’t wait to read it, but I won’t do that until I am done with the first draft. Meanwhile the mother of one of my students is the assistant to my doctor and she called this morning to let me know that everything was now sorted with the pharmacy. She also volunteered her daughter (my student) to pick up the prescriptions which weren’t ready yesterday and I very gratefully accepted her offer, glad to have that behind me. She also said that should this happen again, her daughter would always be happy to do that, which is very nice to know. I finished another quilt top and started the next one. I worked on my puzzle and also got a brief nap. It has been a lovely rainy day and things are looking much nicer.

one quilt top
starting another
on a lovely
rainy day

2 thoughts on “Wednesday April 16, 2014

  1. Thanks, Lydia. I too am glad that the pharmacy problem has been resolved and thanks for the good wishes on my writing. I really enjoy NaNoWriMo in any form!

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