Thursday April 17, 2014

Spring Break is going by too fast!! I was up early this morning ready to write at Camp NaNoWriMo. My word total is now 45,818 words after writing 3400 this morning. Then I spent the bulk of the day quilting. I finished a top, sewed two backs, pinned two quilts, and then quilted them both, before squaring them and binding them. Whew!! I now have five of my nine graduation quilts done. If I am very lucky and persistent, I will complete two more before Tuesday. That would mean that I would have all the quilts for the Student Link graduates finished and I would just have two quilts for my afternoon students remaining, with then plenty of time to finish them before early June. I was tired after all the writing and quilting, so I then spent time working on my puzzle to unwind. It has rained all day, at times gently and at other times, quite heavily, but I love the rain. It has been a perfect day to stay inside.

two more quilts
pouring rain
muddies the pollen
on the skylights

2 thoughts on “Thursday April 17, 2014

  1. You never cease to amaze me with how much you pack into your days. I’m quite exhausted just thinking about it. Congratulations on the word count.

  2. Thanks, Libby. I do have some major advantages–I live alone so no spouse/kids to tend. I am normally at home for about 95% of the time. I don’t cook or clean. Once you take all this into account, I have a lot more time to do what I like! And currently I’m on spring break, so I’ve only been out of my home for 2 hrs total in the last 10 days! It has been heaven!

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