Friday April 18, 2014

My day has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. It started out really well as I was again at Camp NaNoWriMo and I have figured out just how my various story lines will come together. I feel much better about them, and just in time as my word count is currently 48,411 words! I had an appointment which also went very well and I came home and began piecing my next two quilt tops, the last ones for Student Link. And all of that was going just fine. Then I received a text from Lance who maintains both my outdoor ponds on a weekly basis. He wanted to be sure I had read the e-mail his boss had just sent me two hours earlier as she had doubled his rate and the new rate was effective immediately. I had to let him know that I can no longer afford him. I have no idea what I will do with my ponds now. Several people have let me know that the new rate is quite high for someone who cleans pond filters and mucks out algae when needed, but I really like Lance and he did do a great job. But the reality is that the rate is high and I can’t afford it, so it is the end of an era. If I had the advantage of twenty-twenty hindsight, I never would have put the ponds in, but now I have to deal with the fallout. Who knows, maybe the perfect person is out there waiting. I hope so. I finally found a kindred spirit who cleans my house, so maybe I’ll luck out with the ponds as well. If not, they’ve had a good run and maybe it is time to move on. At least my baby volunteer firs are doing really well. I was so upset by the loss of Lance’s services that I went out and took down the dead tree which he had planned to remove today. Thankfully it wasn’t a big job. It still needs to have the last bit dug out, but since I can’t see that from my windows, I really don’t care. The part that I could see is now out in my driveway where my lawn guys will take care of it next Tuesday. Once that was done, I finished up a wonderful puzzle. Anyway, the day, like my week, has been a bit of a ride, but overall, I’ve had a good break and plan to continue that until Student Link resumes next Tuesday.

rates doubled
by his boss
my ponds
no longer maintained
by a great guy

6 thoughts on “Friday April 18, 2014

  1. Thanks, Lydia. I have folks asking around, so maybe. I had a guy before, the only other person to do the ponds, and he was great as far as the ponds went, but he wasn’t very reliable–transportation woes and substance abuse, so I was really glad to find Lance. And while the job isn’t difficult, it does take more strength than I have–moving five gallon buckets of water and dumping them down a steep embankment for instance, and I have difficulty walking to the mailbox. So I’ll just have to wait and see. I hope for the sake of my feeder goldfish that I don’t have to fill the ponds in, but it would save a lot of hassle.

  2. Nice idea, Libby, and thanks, but unfortunately, the pond filters really need to be washed every week, especially in the summer. And the reality is that Lance really was doing this as a favor, even though I paid him, but it isn’t his usual job and neither he nor his boss can afford that. I knew the rate hike was coming, but I hadn’t realized the rates would double, and I wish I’d gotten more notice once the decision was made. The ponds are already overdue for cleaning. But there it is and I’m looking at all my options. Thanks so for your suggestions.

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