Sunday April 20, 2014

I have had a productive day which I feel very good about. I, of course, began my day at Camp NaNoWriMo, and I have increased my goal for the month to 70,000 words. We’ll see if I make that, but Dragon Magic is 72,259 words, although my other two novels were about 10,000 words shorter. Then I worked on my assignment for my online haibun class. This week we were to explore tanka prose, which is what this diary is aimed at but never really quite hits. I used the heartbreak of a recent situation and it really helped me to write about it. So far, I’ve had two extremely positive feedbacks on my effort and I am actually very proud of it, so I thought it fitting to make an extra post today. If you are interested you may click on Growing Apart. I then sewed the backs and then pinned the two quilts I’m currently creating. I was able to quilt both of them and square them as well, so they are all done except for the binding which I plan to do tomorrow. I worked on my dragon jigsaw puzzle, took a brief nap, and read a bit more from the review novel I have going. It has been overall a very lovely day.

nearly finishing
two more quilts
writing my first
tanka prose
to ease my pain

Growing Apart

Growing Apart
One women met another and they became friends. It was an unlikely friendship. One lived in poverty, working seven long days each week. The other was retired with comfortable means. One had only a high school education; the other collected degrees all the way to a PhD. One was married with seven estranged children; the other single with two estranged children.

bound only
in victimhood
the two women
comforted each other

The woman landed in the lowest pit of despair. She reached out for help and found someone who showed her that each of us makes our own reality. If we believe ourselves unworthy of love, then that is what our reality confirms.

half empty
or half full
seeing exactly
what we know
to be true

Bit by bit, the woman reconfigured her reality. In the beginning, she was terrified and her world felt like shifting sands. She was between worlds and while she longed for the security of the known, she also knew that she could never again return to the black hole of despair.

step by step
possibilities open
a crow
trumpets the change
from the highest fir

When the woman learned to set healthy boundaries and to realize that her own free floating anxiety made it much harder to cope with her friend’s highly unstable energy, her friend was disquieted. Her friend wanted more than the woman could give, wanting it all on her terms.

the woman realized
the friendship was
going to end

The day came when the friend stormed away, solid in her own victimhood, finding comfort from others who shared that bond. The woman needed to release her friend with love and blessings, hoping that her friend would one day find her own way.

a fledgling robin
on the edge
of the nest
finding the courage
to soar