Sunday April 20, 2014

I have had a productive day which I feel very good about. I, of course, began my day at Camp NaNoWriMo, and I have increased my goal for the month to 70,000 words. We’ll see if I make that, but Dragon Magic is 72,259 words, although my other two novels were about 10,000 words shorter. Then I worked on my assignment for my online haibun class. This week we were to explore tanka prose, which is what this diary is aimed at but never really quite hits. I used the heartbreak of a recent situation and it really helped me to write about it. So far, I’ve had two extremely positive feedbacks on my effort and I am actually very proud of it, so I thought it fitting to make an extra post today. If you are interested you may click on Growing Apart. I then sewed the backs and then pinned the two quilts I’m currently creating. I was able to quilt both of them and square them as well, so they are all done except for the binding which I plan to do tomorrow. I worked on my dragon jigsaw puzzle, took a brief nap, and read a bit more from the review novel I have going. It has been overall a very lovely day.

nearly finishing
two more quilts
writing my first
tanka prose
to ease my pain