Thursday April 24, 2014

I now have less than a week at Camp NaNoWriMo and I am going to miss it. Of course, it is back in July if I want! Anyway today’s word count ended up at 67,679 words which is a really cool number. And my story is now ready to conclude. Then I was really busy at Student Link so I had to bring my papers home to mark. I finished up most of them and I may take them back tomorrow, but I forgot one answer book. Still I am pretty well caught up. My friend Devon whom I haven’t seen in ages came for a brief visit today and we both had a really nice time. We plan to do it again. After that I received an answer to an e-mail I’d sent to the father of one of my students who happens to be a landscape architect. Obviously after the events of a week ago, I have had a lot to think about. I did put out some feelers concerning pond maintenance, but I have also come to realize that as nice as the ponds have been, they also create a level of anxiety. This is especially true in the winter when they freeze over and I worry about the dogs falling through the ice. And the pond in the back has a liner that is slipping. So with one thing and another, I think it is time to try something else, especially when I didn’t get any answers to my feelers. My biggest worry was the fish as it doesn’t seem right to rescue feeder goldfish and then kill them off, but that worry was solved as well when my student’s father said they would be very happy to adopt my fish as they have a lovely large pond. I’ll learn more on Monday when I meet with the landscape architect and the guy who will do the work, but I feel so much better with the decision made and good people contacted. I could easily end up with something I like as well or even better. And whatever it is, it is going to be low maintenance. After that, my friend Blythe called about a cat tree made from driftwood that she’d seen in town and I really liked the photo Blythe sent, so she gave me the contact information. I called the lady who made it and she will deliver it tomorrow. I’m sure my cats will really enjoy it. Pandora’s Box delivered dog and cat food and then I read more Latin with my student, so it has been a very busy day with lots of happy results.

making decisions
brings a sigh
of relief
change can be

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  1. Did I ever tell you about the ‘Fair Goldfish’ our children won that live to be over ten or more years old. Finally got adopted by a friend with a heated outdoor pond…

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