Friday April 25, 2014

I am glad it is Friday and the weekend is here. Last weekend was so hard, scary and sad, but this weekend looks as if it is going to be quiet and relaxing. The week has ended in a much better place than it began, for which I am most thankful. The universe has spoken and among many other supportive moments, I’m back in touch with an old friend, I have help with changing ponds into something else, my goldfish will be adopted, and the cats have a cool piece of cat furniture made from island driftwood. I began the day with Camp NaNoWriMo and I am now at 70,554 words! I think I have just two or three chapters left (my characters haven’t completely confided in me), so I will finish my first draft before the end of Camp NaNoWriMo next Wednesday. I dropped off some papers and picked up another answer book at Student Link on my way to my morning appointment. Then I saw my osteopath after lunch and she confirmed what I already was pretty sure about. I have no business lifting heavy stuff, doing a lot of bending, and so forth. She is even trying to help me find better sleep positions. She is very gentle and very wise and I am most grateful for her help. My friend Blythe had told me about a cool piece of cat furniture that she’d seen in town and she just knew I would love. It is made out of island driftwood by an islander who donates part of the proceeds to Vashon Island Pet Protectors. The lady who made it was happy to deliver it and so far, Calliope has explored it and pronounced her approval. And my day ended with tutoring for my last student of the week. I did manage to be reasonably alert for the session, but I’m definitely done for the day. Time to hit the sauna and the hot tub!

the week ends
on a much
happier note
than it began
much gratitude

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